Today my lil' sis and I spent sometime together before she took off to work this evening.  Yes, she works at a local restaurant and good for her.  Tips are great and she wants to work her way through college.  I say it is a good thing.  She'll learn what work feels like and what it's about.
Anyways,  so we are out and about, Orange Julius has us hooked and so does the book store in the next town.  They have a fantasy section my sister adores and a southern cooking section I love.  Today, one book in that section happened to not be a cookbook.  Curiosity getting the better of me I read the title,  'Southern Bell Primer, or Why Paris Hilton Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma'.  Wow. I snigger and call  my sister over.  I know shame on me for poking fun but I was thinking of all the antics Paris Hilton has done in the past and how just one little teensy event would've banned her from Southern Society for all time.
I'm off the topic at hand again.  I read the book and look at all of the "rules" to be a Southern Belle and realized that all that I was missing apparently was money and lots of it.  I knew and practiced most of this book without realizing it.  Now here is the question, does this make me shallow.  Hmm...no I don't think so.  I was raised that a girl should be modest, lady-like, polite and always use her manners.
I had realized a little slip up that I had forgotten to teach Kelly when she was a teen-ager.  Something my mother had taught me and wanted us to have.  Silver.  At least enough for an 8-person set.  So there we were, and my darling sister found her pattern!  Eloquence.  I am so proud.  I chose the Rose Point for myself.  Now obviously one should never buy silver for them self however, I did receive china and being that I am not from tons of money as stated before) I truly feel we can overlook this one bit...I'm gonna get me some silver.  And Kelly will receive hers as a wedding gift along with a choice of wedding dresses.  Mine or Mamas.
Now for those of you who are probably wondering if she is engaged.  No she is not.  But one always should be prepared for the future!
Once again I sit here and question my shallowness, and then remind myself that half of me is from the Deep-South and that is where I have chosen to live.  The half that is not Southern, they are well-bred.  And the whole point of today's blog is, goodness online window shopping is fun!

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