Bad walking score?

Walkscore.com  I love you.  I came upon you a few months ago and forgot who you were, and yet I missed you.  But here you are again, ready to tell me how far away everything is from my house.  You are so eager to share all the little details and business, park, and other "amenities" as you call them.  I love you.
My address only has a 23 out of a 100 for a score but for me that is plenty.  I don't need a huge shopping mall, amusement parks or anything else.  And Walkscore...you forgot that I have a beach 1 mile south of me!  That is enough for me and my family.  Walkscore, I love how you remind me of all that there is to do and walk to. I hate how you only say my suburban community is still a "Car-dependent".  Sure it is, if I actually am carrying groceries back to the house or wanting to go to church.  *sigh* Walkscore, you have stolen my heart.  From here on out, I pledge to walk to the library instead of drive, walk to the beach, walk to the wine tasting deli that I love so much...thank you!


My Movie Star

My daughter now has her own YouTube page to share her videos with her family.  This is because we are scattered all over the world.  She has been extremely excited about this because she wants to be a missionary. Well every famous movie star has their own biography all over the web.  Just Google their name and *poof* there it is!  Well here is my new movie star's biography...all ready to go.

Where are you from?  Alabama

How old are you? Seven

When did you start making movies? Today

Who inspires you? God

Now that you are famous, if you could go anywhere in the world where would that be? Heaven, oh in the world?  Um...New York City because I want to teach people about God.

I guess my favorite movie star has big plans to leave her mama and move on in the world!