A Feminists worst nightmare

I would not call myself a feminist by a long shot.  I have never been one and even as a child had formed some pretty  "old-fashioned" views of what I wanted to do in the world.

1.  Serve God with everything I have got.
2.  Raise my child to be a servant of God
3.  Faithful and true to my Love, my husband, my handsome man

I have encountered along my path, however, some adversity.  Women out there who of course know better than I, and know what God wants for my life more than He.  Well I have never said anything because it isn't purposeful but Ms. Jasmine Baucham has written a few things....

 "If you choose to train to become a homemaker -if you choose to live at home with your parents and serve your family until you become a wife and mother -if you live under the jurisdiction of your parents until you are given in marriage to a godly young man to whom you choose to submit...

Expect some stones to fly in your direction.
Don't be surprised when you receive snide remarks -and don't be shocked with mischaracterization -and don't shrink back when others mock and deride you.
But, also, don't lose heart. You are different -you are counter-cultural -you are purposeful -

And you're a threat. 

Yes, you!
You are a hard-core feminist's worst nightmare
-you are chock-full of potential
-you are beautiful
-you are industrious -you are intelligent...
and you've chosen to pour that
-every ounce of it
-not a drop left
-not a stone left unturned

-into your family." 

Definitely read more here.  This is a good source of encouragement for stay-at-home moms, daughters, homeschooling moms, or any mom who puts her family's need above her own.  Much love people. Much love to you all!


Bad walking score?

Walkscore.com  I love you.  I came upon you a few months ago and forgot who you were, and yet I missed you.  But here you are again, ready to tell me how far away everything is from my house.  You are so eager to share all the little details and business, park, and other "amenities" as you call them.  I love you.
My address only has a 23 out of a 100 for a score but for me that is plenty.  I don't need a huge shopping mall, amusement parks or anything else.  And Walkscore...you forgot that I have a beach 1 mile south of me!  That is enough for me and my family.  Walkscore, I love how you remind me of all that there is to do and walk to. I hate how you only say my suburban community is still a "Car-dependent".  Sure it is, if I actually am carrying groceries back to the house or wanting to go to church.  *sigh* Walkscore, you have stolen my heart.  From here on out, I pledge to walk to the library instead of drive, walk to the beach, walk to the wine tasting deli that I love so much...thank you!


My Movie Star

My daughter now has her own YouTube page to share her videos with her family.  This is because we are scattered all over the world.  She has been extremely excited about this because she wants to be a missionary. Well every famous movie star has their own biography all over the web.  Just Google their name and *poof* there it is!  Well here is my new movie star's biography...all ready to go.

Where are you from?  Alabama

How old are you? Seven

When did you start making movies? Today

Who inspires you? God

Now that you are famous, if you could go anywhere in the world where would that be? Heaven, oh in the world?  Um...New York City because I want to teach people about God.

I guess my favorite movie star has big plans to leave her mama and move on in the world!


Bon Jovi Bliss

Bon Jovi.  Yes, we can all scream now.  Bon Jovi.  He was huge in the 80s, big in the 90s, and great now.  And he is playing in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  That is right... next... door.
He is also offering 4500 free tickets to the locals - 2 tickets per valid local (with i.d. of course)!  This means that right this very second there are people camped out in parking lots waiting to get tickets.  I have discovered on Facebook that most of them are in there upper 30s.  However, my wonderful husband who knows that I don't function at all at 6am in the morning (not even for Bon Jovi) is getting up and waiting in line for me so that we can go.  One might suppose that even men like this oh so fabulous rock star!  Did I mention that my husband is wonderful?!

On October 15th, not only will Thunder on the Gulf be going strong, so will I, at a free for me, my hubby, and my 7 year old wanna-be-a-rocker-like-Hannah-Montana daughter!  Life is great people.  Life is really truely fabulous!


A New Year

Today is Miss G's first day of ballet for the new year.  She has moved up to the Ballet II class and is very excited.  She gets to see her ballet friends again, tip toe around in her blue leotard and show off all over again.  She is her own "prima donna".   I hate seeing her grow up but then again, I love seeing her new accomplishments too!
Miss G as a flamingo in "Alice In Wonderland"
Also this year because she is now in a homeschooling group there are lots of other activities available to her that she is doing.  4H, Tennis & P.E., Park Days, Calendar Kids (History and Geography as a group for her grade), field trips, and art lessons.  Then there is Girls in Action,  Awana, and church events such as sailing trips.  All of this is wrapped up into neat little scheduling blocks and spaced out throughout the year so it doesn't get overwhelming and we don't participate in every little thing that comes her way.  However, after saying that I look at all she is involved in and scratch my head wondering "How did this happen?"  We have tried really hard so that she isn't a child who's days are endlessly filled with places she needs to be at.  And it isn't.  But when put on a calendar it does look full. The good news is that she is homeschooled and so she does have the time to unwind or as in todays case, wind up getting excited for her new ballet year!


A Little Repetition

A boat made out of popsicle sticks.
I can be very lax in our homeschooling.  Saying this I also know that after homeschooling for a year and half, Miss G needs this structure.  So we have over this small time formed a rule.  If you skip a day, you get a day.  This means that when Miss G has so much energy that concentration is thrown out of the window and all she has decided to do is play, I'm okay with that (relatively).  She knows that her Saturday is now spent doing school.  This happened Saturday only this time her Daddy was home.
God bless husbands everywhere!  He decided that he wanted to teach her for the day.  He took off work for a day and off they went. Outside with rope to see how long a blue whale really is and how many cars will it take to be the same length, writing, reading (with many silly voices), coloring, pasting, and just plain good fun.  While her day might not have been any different from any other school day educationally, mine was.  I was able to sit back and watch (after finally being able to play "catch up" on chores) and Miss G was able to spend the day with her Daddy having a blast.  Thank you Honey!


School Has Sprung!!

So the answer is a definite no. If you have been keeping up with the blog you will understand what I am speaking about. If not, read below! God has everything in His timing and not ours!

Anyways, the school year has sprung and once you think you have everything figured out, what curriculum is best for your child, everything is scheduled, etc, OPTIONS in big huge blinking lights pops up within your life. For example, tennis lessons for our homeschool group is being offered. Since we, her very responsible parents, forgot when the deadline to soccer was we have been considering this as an alternative. Did I mention that it included a P.E. class with other children? Yes this looks like a great option! And then there is also ballet. Miss G loves her ballet. So this is happening. Then there isG.A.s (Girls in Action = Girls Scouts without the cookies and with God) and AWANA. Does anything else need added? I hope not! And I know that technically she doesn't have to participate in any of this however, she loves doing them and Miss G happens to be a social butterfly with tons of energy. I wish I could bottle it all up for later when I need it!


Still counting...

It said no.  I was upset.  Okay....I was sent into a vicious spiraling abyss of no return...for the weekend at least.  Then I was reminded by my very supportive husband of the 1 and only test that was positive 4 months too late.   I still have many symptoms and even though it may sound pathetic, I'm holding out for the best.  If God's has something else in mind, then I'll use it as a wake-up call in order to get my health on track.  Otherwise, the clock is ticking, the calendar days go by, and my husband struts now.  Who knew?!


Maybe yes?

16 days and counting although the numbers add up to 6 weeks on the calculators.  Nauseous. Exhausted.  All of this among other things.  For anyone who does not know, I am probably pregnant.  Yes, I could take an at home pregnancy test but then again, last time I had a child, the darn thing read I wasn't pregnant at all.  She is 7 now by the way (the child I wasn't pregnant with)!
So I am waiting a little longer but it doesn't get more obvious than what is going on around my house.  Morning sickness, dizziness, "powdering my nose" every darn chance I get...hmmmmmmmm?
I'll keep you update on this of course my dear friends!

I am SO excited! P.S.  Mr. Hubby is walking around like a rooster.  So proud.


Random Facts of Me-ness

I love carnivals but refuse to ride the rides.  I can't play helicopter even much less spin in circles on a ride 100 times over.

My eyes have changed color enough over the years they are now polka-dotted.  Maybe that is why I have fabulous vision though and my glasses are just for show.

I share my middle name with 3 of my cousins.  We were all named after our Grandma who delights in sharing.

I have a shoe, purse, and carpet rug fetish.  One can never have too much of any...except for rugs which I keep having to find new places for or people to give to.

I have always been fashionably challenged.  I try to be fashionable but my pocketbook is challenged.

There are no claims to fame for me other than a brief 3 second blip on 'Good Morning America' as a child...with about 40 other children.  My mom was so proud.

I am willing to try anything once....sky diving, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, after that though, you might not be able to pull me out of my house.  My fear of falling or being eaten alive is tremendous.  I cannot attest to what I might do if asked again!

*This message is brought to you by me, myself, and my own bizarre need to share.


!Yard Sale!


Come see our furniture, TV, LAPTOP (perfect for school!), electronics, movies, books for all ages, clothes for all ages, toys, stuffed animals, kitchen appliances, china-ware, TONS!

3rd house in on right on Terry Cove Dr. 8-4 on Fri and Sat!

Great Finds! Great Prices!
Have Fun and a Soda to cool ya off in the heat too!

We have many items for sale this weekend as we are clearing house.  Point blank...too much of everything.  After all, one really does not need an entire closet dedicated to blankets only right?  Another one dedicated to books?  No.  So we are doing some Fall cleaning and I hope many people can find things that they can use or know someone who can!
This weekend - Friday and Saturday- my family will be outside with a smile on their face offering you a soda and helping you in any way needed!

*my website, my advertisement. thanks for your thoughts!


My Mind Could Possibly Explode

My daughter's birthday is in two weeks and as a mom I can feel the pressure as to who to invite and who not to.  My house can only hold so many.  Stopping at this point, you might be wondering why I don't just have something small.  It's just a birthday after all.  Well, because we have never had anything slightly big.  Lots of balloons perhaps but nothing big.  I thought that just once we would give it a go.  
Her party is Alice and Wonderland themed but because she is only turning 7 and not all of her friends are quite at that level of maturity yet, we are combining the 2 Disney movies and just creating a wonderland of our own.  Bright colors, whimsical patterns and just fun games to go with it all.  
I'm excited and nervous all at once because we are inviting somewhere around 15 - 20 kids.  They might not sound like a lot but when they are all on a sugar high?  Yeah.  
I'll be sure to post pictures once taken.  This should be very fun putting it together in a style that says "Miss G" all over it.


Old Friends and New

I'm feeling rather contemplative tonight.  I ran across a couple of people on Facebook who I have not spoken to in years.  I wish I never lost touch.  One "friended" me and the other I hope will.  I often find myself missing this wonderful family.
They are the type who are so darn sweet and so fun to be around but there is that one life changing event that well, changes everything!  And so contact is lost....
I suppose back in the day, it would have been the same as suddenly running into a long lost friend at the coffee shop that you go to every day.  You've never seen them there but out of the blue, there they are!  Anyways, I am feeling pretty good right now.
I hope all of you run into that person(s) again one day and have that 'this-feels-pretty-good' feeling as well.


What was I thinking?!

I must start by saying I am a visual learner and a closet perfectionist.  I started this blog in May of this year and so far I only have 4-5 actual posts.  "Why did you even start it then," you ask, "if not to use it daily?" Well, the be quite honest, I had no idea what I was doing!
Now, I finally am beginning to see results of my fiddling around with this and that.  My blog looked in the beginning like an unfinished scrapbook page.  All the parts thrown on but not in the right place.  When all is said and done, a completely different design appears and it positively screams "you".  That is where I am almost at right now....and I'm thankful.


The School Year At A Glance

It's hot, sticky, sweaty among other unpleasant feelings outside.  My child has taken to leaving the sprinklers on for her to run through periodically throughout the day. When she isn't doing that, she is limp and hung upside down on some piece of furniture somewhere saying "What are we going to do today?"  It's her version of 'I'm bored' or 'Are we there yet?'.
Now I normally can find a whole list of things for her to do when she asks this odious question however lately, I too have been feeling rather limp.  My mind turning slowly to mush as the heat rises.  I quickly pray and prayer of thanks for the hot weather as I know I'll be wishing for it come January and then another prayer for survival.  I cannot wait for the school year to start.

Yes, we home school our daughter so you would think that organization is a year-round thing right?  Wrong.  School is school and home is home and the lines blur all of the time except for scheduling.  You see during the school year we also have daily school work to do, ballet, p.e., field trips etc.  This year we are also including Girls Scouts (Miss G is a Brownie), and she is old enough she officially has to become an official student under an official church school.  So a little more structure is involved.  
For those who do not understand homeschooling, please try to think of it like this:  your child at his/her public school without lines in the bathroom break, water fountain line, cafeteria line (the long one), the line to go to the next class, the line for library, the limited time in the library so no mom, they didn't get the book they wanted 'cause little Susie got it instead, the pushing, the shoving, the Parent Teacher Conferences, etc.  You get the idea.  My child still becomes educated, just at her speed and with a teacher/student ratio of 1:1.  Very very cool in her and my eyes.  
She likes the field trips the most with her favorite place being the Naval Aviation Museum.  I like it because it's free and this year she is mature enough to do little reviews on what she saw and learned.  She also likes the Gulf Coast Zoo otherwise known as The Little Zoo That Could.

We are trying a new book this year.  They have changed as I have weeded through the mass quantities out there available to homeschoolers but finally decisions have been made. Singapore Math,
Daily 6 Handwriting, Christian Eclectic Readers, Noeo Science and DK Science (for variety), Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLTL), and Story of the World Vol. 1 are just a few other items we will be studying from.  Yes, there will be other mini lessons added (just as in public school, don't think they don't) as the lesson creeps up, but these are the basics for now.  I am prayerfully considering each one before I buy.  

Anyways,  even though in the morning my daughter will ask the inevitable question "What are we going to do today?"  Even though I will grimace, I think some park time is in order.  Sunscreen on, bug spray on, ready, set, GO!


For Those Who Loved Us...


Today my lil' sis and I spent sometime together before she took off to work this evening.  Yes, she works at a local restaurant and good for her.  Tips are great and she wants to work her way through college.  I say it is a good thing.  She'll learn what work feels like and what it's about.
Anyways,  so we are out and about, Orange Julius has us hooked and so does the book store in the next town.  They have a fantasy section my sister adores and a southern cooking section I love.  Today, one book in that section happened to not be a cookbook.  Curiosity getting the better of me I read the title,  'Southern Bell Primer, or Why Paris Hilton Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma'.  Wow. I snigger and call  my sister over.  I know shame on me for poking fun but I was thinking of all the antics Paris Hilton has done in the past and how just one little teensy event would've banned her from Southern Society for all time.
I'm off the topic at hand again.  I read the book and look at all of the "rules" to be a Southern Belle and realized that all that I was missing apparently was money and lots of it.  I knew and practiced most of this book without realizing it.  Now here is the question, does this make me shallow.  Hmm...no I don't think so.  I was raised that a girl should be modest, lady-like, polite and always use her manners.
I had realized a little slip up that I had forgotten to teach Kelly when she was a teen-ager.  Something my mother had taught me and wanted us to have.  Silver.  At least enough for an 8-person set.  So there we were, and my darling sister found her pattern!  Eloquence.  I am so proud.  I chose the Rose Point for myself.  Now obviously one should never buy silver for them self however, I did receive china and being that I am not from tons of money as stated before) I truly feel we can overlook this one bit...I'm gonna get me some silver.  And Kelly will receive hers as a wedding gift along with a choice of wedding dresses.  Mine or Mamas.
Now for those of you who are probably wondering if she is engaged.  No she is not.  But one always should be prepared for the future!
Once again I sit here and question my shallowness, and then remind myself that half of me is from the Deep-South and that is where I have chosen to live.  The half that is not Southern, they are well-bred.  And the whole point of today's blog is, goodness online window shopping is fun!


Family and the Fun They Bring

This upcoming month is going to be a very busy month for me. Many events and activities are happening but the most current starts the first weekend in June. Next weekend I have an annual family reunion to go to. This isn't the normal kind that one thinks about though. In fact, this is the first type that I have ever heard of (although I'm sure we aren't the only ones). The family reunion that I am going to happens to have been occurring for the past hundred years.
When a person attends they sit at a particular place in the room under the name of an ancestor that they descended from. For further example I give you a very brief history. I descend from Ruby McIntyre (Sheppard) who will sit under the proud heritage of Emery Sheppard. Along with Emery's three other siblings that also have their own tables, they all descend from William who of course descended so forth and so on all the way back to the beginning of creation or in my families case 1688. In case you are very confused as I was when I first arrived last year behind my Grandmother- 4 tables named from siblings who lived about hundred years ago. A lot of family is there and we are all interconnected through these siblings.
I get to hear a lot of stories and see a lot of pictures and spend time with my family from Texas.  This is something that is enjoyed immensely and we have been looking forward to this for awhile.  No electronics, no laptops, buzzing cell phones, or blaring TVs,  just backwoods Mississippi.  D'Lo.  One of my favorite places in the world.

From Maryland with love...5.02.2010

This is from my first blog site which isn't letting me post on it or do anything with it really.  So I started a new one.  Here are some pics from our trip in May to Grandma's house.

The girls waiting patiently while being stranded at the rental station.
We thought he was out mowing the yard...
we didn't know he was giving out rides!
Grandma and Miss G, coloring paperdolls.
Never underestimate how easy it is to entertain a child with simple toys.
Miss G waiting on her plane. She loved flying.


Last Wednesday we -my daughter, sister and I - took a trip to Grandma's house. This seems rather ordinary except the fact that we had my husband drive us 4 hours to New Orleans, fly 3 hours, drive 2 hours, just to get to Grandma's house. Literally, the saying "over the river and through the woods" could not possibly have described our experience.

The drive to New Orleans wasn’t bad at all. Lots of fun with the Alphabet Sign game being played, music blaring, jokes and conversation being held all the while we went over the river (you know the big one called the Mississippi) and through the woods (everywhere else). I took forever and so did my husband just to say goodbye. Was it like those tear-jerker movies? Not a bit. But we were sappy about it. When I think about it, I had never really been away on a long trip (this being 5 days) without him so this was new.
Miss G. had her first real plane ride and all she could say was "Wow Mom" in that breath being taken away from her voice. Her eyes were all huge and shining. I was so happy for her and of course the whole "my baby is growing up" kind of proud. Flying "over the river and through the woods" we then landed in Baltimore Md.
You see, I had everything planned out. At the airport in New Orleans by 2:00, arriving at 7:30 in Maryland, pick up the rental car, and zip over to Grandma's by 9pm. Everything was perfect...yeah.
What actually happened was just that until Baltimore. Then when I went to the Rental Station where all of the rental car companies hung out, I pulled out my i.d. and said "I'm here to pick up my rental". The guy behind the both smiled and said "do you have another card?" This is the point where my jaw dropped and all that came out was that I had already paid for it. But no, I had paid for it on a pre-paid card. Don't get me wrong people. I do understand and vaguely remember from my before I became a stay at home mom days that you have to have a card in case of damage for anything. I just didn't have that card on me, just the pre-paid card. I explained to him that I had paid for the car, the insurance from his company, more insurance as back up and the car already paid for was now costing me $400. "Sorry" was all he said. So by this time, it's 8:30pm. Yes I know, time flies when you have no idea what to do but panic.
So, on the phone I go, first my credit card company. Then the company I rented the car through and then the insurance. No worries the money will be refunded within 3 days and sorry that the terms and conditions by which I agreed to did not mention my circumstance anywhere in it. Yay! I got my money back but how to get to Grandma's right?
Well here comes the final "over the river and through the woods" part. I call my husband. He panics but I reassure I've got it covered. I call aunt #1 who lives 40 minutes away. No one answers. I call my dad who lives 6 hours away. He reassured me. My husband calls. I reassure him by saying what my father said. He is calm now. I call Grandpa. He thinks that the situation is funny. I am stranded with my little sister and 6 year old daughter. Funny but don't worry he'll come and get me.
In the end what happened was that after all these calls were begin made and cell phone minutes were thankfully not being accounted for because it really was that late, Aunt #1 picks us up only to drop us off near Aunt #2's son, only to take us "over the river (who knows the name of that one) and through the woods (the woods of Maryland)" to Grandmother's house we go.
Thank heavens for family. They thought it was funny. Me? I was just glad we had a wonderful week with my grandparents. They are always such a blessing upon my life. By the way, just in case you are wondering, we got back home just fine.