School Has Sprung!!

So the answer is a definite no. If you have been keeping up with the blog you will understand what I am speaking about. If not, read below! God has everything in His timing and not ours!

Anyways, the school year has sprung and once you think you have everything figured out, what curriculum is best for your child, everything is scheduled, etc, OPTIONS in big huge blinking lights pops up within your life. For example, tennis lessons for our homeschool group is being offered. Since we, her very responsible parents, forgot when the deadline to soccer was we have been considering this as an alternative. Did I mention that it included a P.E. class with other children? Yes this looks like a great option! And then there is also ballet. Miss G loves her ballet. So this is happening. Then there isG.A.s (Girls in Action = Girls Scouts without the cookies and with God) and AWANA. Does anything else need added? I hope not! And I know that technically she doesn't have to participate in any of this however, she loves doing them and Miss G happens to be a social butterfly with tons of energy. I wish I could bottle it all up for later when I need it!

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