Maybe yes?

16 days and counting although the numbers add up to 6 weeks on the calculators.  Nauseous. Exhausted.  All of this among other things.  For anyone who does not know, I am probably pregnant.  Yes, I could take an at home pregnancy test but then again, last time I had a child, the darn thing read I wasn't pregnant at all.  She is 7 now by the way (the child I wasn't pregnant with)!
So I am waiting a little longer but it doesn't get more obvious than what is going on around my house.  Morning sickness, dizziness, "powdering my nose" every darn chance I get...hmmmmmmmm?
I'll keep you update on this of course my dear friends!

I am SO excited! P.S.  Mr. Hubby is walking around like a rooster.  So proud.

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