Random Facts of Me-ness

I love carnivals but refuse to ride the rides.  I can't play helicopter even much less spin in circles on a ride 100 times over.

My eyes have changed color enough over the years they are now polka-dotted.  Maybe that is why I have fabulous vision though and my glasses are just for show.

I share my middle name with 3 of my cousins.  We were all named after our Grandma who delights in sharing.

I have a shoe, purse, and carpet rug fetish.  One can never have too much of any...except for rugs which I keep having to find new places for or people to give to.

I have always been fashionably challenged.  I try to be fashionable but my pocketbook is challenged.

There are no claims to fame for me other than a brief 3 second blip on 'Good Morning America' as a child...with about 40 other children.  My mom was so proud.

I am willing to try anything once....sky diving, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, after that though, you might not be able to pull me out of my house.  My fear of falling or being eaten alive is tremendous.  I cannot attest to what I might do if asked again!

*This message is brought to you by me, myself, and my own bizarre need to share.

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