A Little Repetition

A boat made out of popsicle sticks.
I can be very lax in our homeschooling.  Saying this I also know that after homeschooling for a year and half, Miss G needs this structure.  So we have over this small time formed a rule.  If you skip a day, you get a day.  This means that when Miss G has so much energy that concentration is thrown out of the window and all she has decided to do is play, I'm okay with that (relatively).  She knows that her Saturday is now spent doing school.  This happened Saturday only this time her Daddy was home.
God bless husbands everywhere!  He decided that he wanted to teach her for the day.  He took off work for a day and off they went. Outside with rope to see how long a blue whale really is and how many cars will it take to be the same length, writing, reading (with many silly voices), coloring, pasting, and just plain good fun.  While her day might not have been any different from any other school day educationally, mine was.  I was able to sit back and watch (after finally being able to play "catch up" on chores) and Miss G was able to spend the day with her Daddy having a blast.  Thank you Honey!

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