A New Year

Today is Miss G's first day of ballet for the new year.  She has moved up to the Ballet II class and is very excited.  She gets to see her ballet friends again, tip toe around in her blue leotard and show off all over again.  She is her own "prima donna".   I hate seeing her grow up but then again, I love seeing her new accomplishments too!
Miss G as a flamingo in "Alice In Wonderland"
Also this year because she is now in a homeschooling group there are lots of other activities available to her that she is doing.  4H, Tennis & P.E., Park Days, Calendar Kids (History and Geography as a group for her grade), field trips, and art lessons.  Then there is Girls in Action,  Awana, and church events such as sailing trips.  All of this is wrapped up into neat little scheduling blocks and spaced out throughout the year so it doesn't get overwhelming and we don't participate in every little thing that comes her way.  However, after saying that I look at all she is involved in and scratch my head wondering "How did this happen?"  We have tried really hard so that she isn't a child who's days are endlessly filled with places she needs to be at.  And it isn't.  But when put on a calendar it does look full. The good news is that she is homeschooled and so she does have the time to unwind or as in todays case, wind up getting excited for her new ballet year!

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