Bon Jovi Bliss

Bon Jovi.  Yes, we can all scream now.  Bon Jovi.  He was huge in the 80s, big in the 90s, and great now.  And he is playing in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  That is right... next... door.
He is also offering 4500 free tickets to the locals - 2 tickets per valid local (with i.d. of course)!  This means that right this very second there are people camped out in parking lots waiting to get tickets.  I have discovered on Facebook that most of them are in there upper 30s.  However, my wonderful husband who knows that I don't function at all at 6am in the morning (not even for Bon Jovi) is getting up and waiting in line for me so that we can go.  One might suppose that even men like this oh so fabulous rock star!  Did I mention that my husband is wonderful?!

On October 15th, not only will Thunder on the Gulf be going strong, so will I, at a free for me, my hubby, and my 7 year old wanna-be-a-rocker-like-Hannah-Montana daughter!  Life is great people.  Life is really truely fabulous!

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