My Mind Could Possibly Explode

My daughter's birthday is in two weeks and as a mom I can feel the pressure as to who to invite and who not to.  My house can only hold so many.  Stopping at this point, you might be wondering why I don't just have something small.  It's just a birthday after all.  Well, because we have never had anything slightly big.  Lots of balloons perhaps but nothing big.  I thought that just once we would give it a go.  
Her party is Alice and Wonderland themed but because she is only turning 7 and not all of her friends are quite at that level of maturity yet, we are combining the 2 Disney movies and just creating a wonderland of our own.  Bright colors, whimsical patterns and just fun games to go with it all.  
I'm excited and nervous all at once because we are inviting somewhere around 15 - 20 kids.  They might not sound like a lot but when they are all on a sugar high?  Yeah.  
I'll be sure to post pictures once taken.  This should be very fun putting it together in a style that says "Miss G" all over it.

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