Old Friends and New

I'm feeling rather contemplative tonight.  I ran across a couple of people on Facebook who I have not spoken to in years.  I wish I never lost touch.  One "friended" me and the other I hope will.  I often find myself missing this wonderful family.
They are the type who are so darn sweet and so fun to be around but there is that one life changing event that well, changes everything!  And so contact is lost....
I suppose back in the day, it would have been the same as suddenly running into a long lost friend at the coffee shop that you go to every day.  You've never seen them there but out of the blue, there they are!  Anyways, I am feeling pretty good right now.
I hope all of you run into that person(s) again one day and have that 'this-feels-pretty-good' feeling as well.

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