A Feminists worst nightmare

I would not call myself a feminist by a long shot.  I have never been one and even as a child had formed some pretty  "old-fashioned" views of what I wanted to do in the world.

1.  Serve God with everything I have got.
2.  Raise my child to be a servant of God
3.  Faithful and true to my Love, my husband, my handsome man

I have encountered along my path, however, some adversity.  Women out there who of course know better than I, and know what God wants for my life more than He.  Well I have never said anything because it isn't purposeful but Ms. Jasmine Baucham has written a few things....

 "If you choose to train to become a homemaker -if you choose to live at home with your parents and serve your family until you become a wife and mother -if you live under the jurisdiction of your parents until you are given in marriage to a godly young man to whom you choose to submit...

Expect some stones to fly in your direction.
Don't be surprised when you receive snide remarks -and don't be shocked with mischaracterization -and don't shrink back when others mock and deride you.
But, also, don't lose heart. You are different -you are counter-cultural -you are purposeful -

And you're a threat. 

Yes, you!
You are a hard-core feminist's worst nightmare
-you are chock-full of potential
-you are beautiful
-you are industrious -you are intelligent...
and you've chosen to pour that
-every ounce of it
-not a drop left
-not a stone left unturned

-into your family." 

Definitely read more here.  This is a good source of encouragement for stay-at-home moms, daughters, homeschooling moms, or any mom who puts her family's need above her own.  Much love people. Much love to you all!

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