The Turn Around

It would appear that my schedule is booked for the next 10 years.  At least in the sense that I am homeschooling my child as well as playing the role of parent and husband secretary.  That is fine with me now (before it wasn't as I took forever getting used to my own idea) as my child and I have both gotten used to homeschool.

I talk about it with you now because August 1st is coming up and that is when we start back each year.  This is her "3rd grade" year if it had to be anything.  One must remember that she is behind in Math and actually in 2nd grade math, 4th grade science, 3rd grade grammar, etc.  You see, because we homeschool we can focus on her individual needs rather than as a classroom whole.  This way she is learning the material and review is often unneeded.  Miss G has a full schedule in our household because of her extracurriculars this year.  Piano, ballet, art class, chess all take up her time and she doesn't know it but her mother (me) is probably also going to be a Girl Scout Troop leader this year as well so we allow for her schedule to fit around her activities.  She is also learning from the master approach (bio one year, physics the next) rather than the spiral (a little fed each year hope ya don't forget). All of this at her level of learning.

We are excited too as the devoted hubby/amazing father of the year is setting up a room just for homeschooling as we get to decorate it in special ordered wall decals.  The kitty on the right as well as some other very cool Miss G type art.

Miss G's 2011-2012 Courses as written today:

Grammar                               Math
Writing                                  Social Science
Spelling                                 Art
Science/Health                    Music
Ancient & US History         Reading
World Geography               Latin

We are soooo excited!

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