While or When I am 30.

When I was a teen there was a teacher intern who was 30.  So many girls had a crush on him...and Brad Pitt (who was also 30).  Not me.  I thought it was stomach churning to have a crush on someone so old.  I was confused about it all and all that I did know was that when I was 30 that was when I would obviously have reached all of my goals in life.

15 years later....

My life has turned out so different than I thought it would.  I do not work for some major corporation making huge masses of money living in a sky-rise with a gorgeous view of an obstructed sunset.  Instead, I have a child who is just like me and knows it and of course desperately is trying to be herself (and doing a great job Miss Fabulous).  I have a husband who works his butt off to provide for us because he loves us so much and I live along the coast in a rural area that is probably one of the most beautiful places that I have ever lived.

I had all these hopes and dreams and wants and needs in my life and thought that for certain that by the old age of 30 I would have them all.  What I did not expect and am still living in, is a 30 in which God has decided to spend a year showing me that my life turned out wonderfully and blessed and no matter what has happened or who I have run into or anything else, I am okay. God did decide to take time out from His life and work a bit on me.  There is nothing wrong with me and whatever my dreams were it is okay that they changed over the years and I am going to come out the other side of 30 accomplishing much more than I ever hoped.  I know myself.

So, no matter what, my life is blessed and so am I and wish me luck because there is another 153 days to go for God to get through to me.  I love you guys.

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