Dear Diary,

I am an adult.


Here is what I mean.  You have yours friends.  We all do however then you have those friends who absolutely will not under penalty of death, just swing on by without an invitation.  We all have those people who would annoy the whatever out of us if they did just show up.  But ya know, I wish, just wish that some of my friends who feel the freedom to say hello more often.  It would seem that a formal "how do you do" is in order for the lot of them.  It almost seems as if that is what adults are supposed to do.
I say this because not 5 years ago life was completely different in this aspect.  People felt okay with just swinging on by at dinner time or whenever it pleased them and there was no formal (or any kind of) verbal invite needed.  Now, maybe I'm old?  Maybe, when a person ages, their manners become an unwritten necessity?  Why should my friends feel the need for all of this stuff and nonsense?  Because I might be busy?
Here is an unwritten rule that I am making up as of right now:

If you and I hang out, goof off, crack each other up, and talked about "issues" in the same day, come on over unannounced.  I am never too busy to see your bright and shining bea-u-tiful face.  This also goes for if you have come over for a fish fry...ever.

Lots of love to you all and remember, keep smiling!


  1. I would LOVE to be close enough in distance to just drop on by. With the gas prices right now, I'm doing good to have enough "extra" money to buy the necessities in life.
    Love ya! Hope you're having a good day!

  2. Darlin you are 3 states away! Don't you worry about it one bit! You'll get here one day and then we'll have tons of fun I know it!