Opened Up a Can Of ....

I started seeing a counselor about a month ago.  Well, we started started seeing one.  She is an amazing Christian counselor who isn't offensive or out to send anybody off to get on meds.  So a whole can of worms was opened up when we started.  I knew things were bothering me and that I couldn't get past them, however I never expected  to feel tossed about and turned upside down all the while being able to think clearly for once.
Then it happens, a very good unnamed person says to me, "Hey, you there! You've been acting differently!" (This of course is not what was actually said but you get the point)  "No I haven't" I say but this person is insistent.  Okay people, when you go to talk to someone so that you can get an outside point of view, sometimes ya feel better!  Just better.  You learn that life isn't perfect and that you don't have to please people and then "voila!" happens.  In my special case, "viola" means that I can think straight and am able to handle stress.  No more panic attacks.  Yes, people, after one month, your favorite whatever-I-am-to-you is happy! Just imagine how I'll be after a whole year! Maybe even (wait foooorrrrr it) fine and dandy!

* disclaimer -happiness is not a bad thing and neither is feeling any emotion at all. thank you and have a good day!

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